What is BlitzBear?

BlitzBear is SEO software that uses artificial intelligence to cut out the manual work required in refreshing your content. In a few clicks, BlitzBear will comb through your blog posts, compare your content to the top SERP results, and optimize each blog post accordingly.

Who is BlitzBear for?

BlitzBear is for digital marketers and SEO agencies and consultants.

When your company or your clients' blog have hundreds or thousands of existing posts, they're already starting to slip in the SERP ranks. BlitzBear optimizes your existing blog content and puts you back up in top search results.


As long as you have a blog sitemap you can submit, you can use BlitzBear to get SEO optimization suggestions for your blog posts.

Optional: If your blog is hosted on Cloudflare, you can enable BlitzBear's ⚡️ Lightning Mode to automatically publish changes without needing to log in to your CMS (e.g, WordPress, Webflow).

Without Lightning Mode, you will need to copy/paste the SEO optimizations manually into your CMS.

If your blog domain is not using Cloudflare, you have two options:

⚡️ Lightning Mode

⚡️ Lightning Mode allows BlitzBear to seamlessly serve your SEO-optimized pages to website visitors. No need to login to your CMS. And no Chrome extensions or plugins necessary to download. Here are the requirements.

  1. Your blog domain must be hosted on Cloudflare (How your blog is hosted does not matter -- your blog could be on a top-level domain like https://yoursite.com/blog or on a subdomain like https://blog.yoursite.com)

  2. Your blog domain must be proxied through Cloudflare (the orange cloud must be enabled next to the DNS record)

Not sure if you are using Cloudflare?

Use a WHOIS tool like WHOIS and enter the domain of your blog.

  • If your blog is on a top-level domain like https://yoursite.com, enter yoursite.com

  • If your blog is on a subdomain like https://blog.yoursite.com, enter blog.yoursite.com

If the name servers are isaac.ns.cloudflare.com and joan.ns.cloudflare.com, that means your blog is running on Cloudflare.

Get started

Once you have confirmed you are using Cloudflare, view our Getting Started guide.

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