Getting Started

Sign up for BlitzBear (est. 2 min)

  1. Create your first BlitzBear project from your dashboard

  2. (Optional, but required for ⚡️ Lightning Mode) BlitzBear needs your Cloudflare API token to publish posts. Follow the instructions below to get your Cloudflare API token.

Get your Cloudflare API token (est. 2 min)

BlitzBear utilizes Cloudflare to serve your SEO-optimized blog pages. This means your blog domain must be hosted on Cloudflare. To provide BlitzBear access to Cloudflare, you must create a new API token.

  1. Log in to Cloudflare and visit

  2. In the "API Tokens" section, click "Create Token"

  3. Next to "Edit Cloudflare Workers", click "Use template"

  4. Click the edit icon, and rename the token name to API Token for BlitzBear

  5. Remove permissions for Workers KV Storage, Workers R2 Storage, Workers Tail, Cloudflare Pages and Memberships. You should see these four permissions remaining:

  6. In the "Account Resources" section, choose the account that contains your domain

  7. In the "Zone Resources" section, choose the domain that contains your blog

  8. At the bottom of the page, click the 'Continue to summary' button then click the 'Create Token' button

  9. Copy the token and return to your BlitzBear dashboard, then enter it into your BlitzBear project

The Cloudflare API token will be shown only one time. If you need to retrieve it again, you will have to follow the instructions to generate a new API token.

Cloudflare Limitations

BlitzBear uses Cloudflare Workers to serve your SEO-optimized blog posts. Because Cloudflare Workers provides a generous Free tier with 100,000 requests/day this means that you can have up to 100,000 pageviews per day (or 3,000,000 pageviews per month) on your blog (which includes BlitzBear-enabled blog posts).

If your blog's traffic exceeds 100,000 visitors/day (or if you anticipate this applies to you), please reach out to BlitzBear support at

In the case that you must upgrade to a paid Cloudflare Workers account, the minimum plan starts at $5/mo and comes with 10,000,000 requests/mo.

If you have a paid Cloudflare account, note this is different from a paid Cloudflare Workers account. Learn more here.

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